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Don't Let Stumps Take Up Valuable Space on Your Property

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Burnette Stump Grinding has years of experience grinding down stumps for homeowners and commercial clients in Cleveland, East Brainerd, Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas. Our crew will schedule a consultation with you to discuss our stump grinding process and what you can expect from us. When you give us the go-ahead, we'll use top-of-the-line equipment to grind down your stump. You'll love the way your property looks once we're done.

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Experience the benefits of our stump grinding services

Not sure if you should hire us to grind down that tree stump in your yard? When you hire us for stump grinding services:

You'll be protecting your property against pests
You won't have to mow around the stump
You'll be boosting your property value and curb appeal

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5 good reasons to hire Burnette Stump Grinding

Searching for a reliable stump removal company serving the Cleveland, East Brainerd and Chattanooga, TN area? Look no further. You can trust us when you need stump grinding or stump removal services because:

  1. Our team has over three years of experience
  2. We take on residential and commercial projects
  3. We'll stick to the established schedule
  4. We'll treat your property as if it were our own
  5. We offer free estimates
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